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As a phonics teacher, I am always on the lookout for effective and engaging learning tools, and the Alphabet Binder from little minds at work exceeds all expectations.This binder not only makes teaching the alphabet fun but also helps reinforce letter recognition and phonetic sounds in a way that's both educational and enjoyable. I highly recommend it to fellow educators and parents alike.
By -Vinny Batra Chugh
Loving all yr bub is obsessed!! wonderfully done n child friendly. Cant wait to order more .love from Germany
Dr Sangeeta Pai
Hi dear would like to thank you soo much for such lovely binders you guys make. We already have 4-5 of them and would buy more soon. The kids in the library love the binder equally. Space themed one is our current favourite. And the fun fix is soo handy for travels and restaurants 😌 All the best dear and keep up the good work.


What are activity binders?

Our activity binders are comprehensive educational tools designed to engage children in fun, hands-on learning experiences. Each binder contains a variety of Velcro-based activities, matching, sorting, and many more.

What age group are the binders and worksheets suitable for?

Our activity binders are designed for children aged 1 to 7 years old. Each binder includes age-appropriate content to ensure your child gets the most out of their learning experience. You can select and shop by age on our website.

How do activity binders benefit my child?

Our binders promote cognitive development, fine motor skills, logical reasoning and independent play. They provide a balanced mix of educational and fun activities that engage and stimulate young minds.

Are the materials safe for children?

Yes, all materials used in our binders and worksheets are non-toxic and child-safe. We prioritize your child's safety and ensure that all components meet rigorous safety standards.

Are these binders reusable?

Yes, our binders are reusable, durable, and travel-friendly, making them perfect for repeated use.

Is express shipping available?

Yes, express shipping is available at a rate of 150 per kg. You can WhatsApp us or DM us for express delivery arrangements.