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Number Beads

Number Beads

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Montessori number beads, also known as Montessori bead bars, are used to teach children about numbers, counting, and basic mathematical concepts. Here’s a guide on how to use them:



- Bead Bars: Typically, sets include bead bars for numbers 1 through 10, with each number represented by a different color.

- Bead Chains: Long chains that correspond to the bead bars (e.g., a chain of 5 five-bead bars for the number 5).



1. Invite the Child: Invite the child to work with the number beads.

2. Mat or Work Area: Roll out a mat or designate a workspace.



1. Introduce Bead Bars: Show the child the bead bars, one by one, and name each number.

   - For example, “This is 1” (show the single bead bar), “This is 2” (show the bar with two beads), and so on.

2. Counting Beads: Encourage the child to count the beads on each bar.

3. Sequence: Lay out the bead bars in sequence from 1 to 10.



1. Counting: Have the child count the beads on each bar independently.

2. Number Matching:Use number cards and have the child match the bead bars to the corresponding numbers.

3. Addition: Combine two bead bars and count the total number of beads to introduce simple addition (e.g., a bar of 3 and a bar of 4 to make 7).

4. Subtraction: Start with a larger bead bar and remove beads to demonstrate subtraction.

5. Multiplication: Use bead chains to illustrate multiplication (e.g., a chain of five 5-bead bars shows 5 multiplied by 5).



1. Skip Counting: Use the bead chains to practice skip counting (e.g., counting by twos, fives, etc.).

2. Patterns: Create and identify patterns using different bead bars.

3. Greater Than/Less Than: Compare bead bars to teach the concepts of greater than and less than.



1. Organise: Place each bead bar back in its designated place in the box or tray.

2. Review: Encourage the child to review what they have learned during the activity.



- Observation: Observe the child and provide guidance as needed.

- Encouragement: Praise the child for their efforts and successes.

- Engagement: Use a variety of activities to maintain the child's interest and challenge their understanding.


Montessori number beads are a versatile tool for introducing and reinforcing mathematical concepts through hands-on, interactive learning.

Chocking Hazard – Small Parts! Children under 3 years old should play with the toys under parents supervision!

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