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Pink Tower

Pink Tower

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The Pink Tower is a classic Montessori material designed to develop a child's visual discrimination of size, fine motor skills, and preparation for mathematical concepts. It consists of ten pink wooden cubes, varying in size from 1 cm³ to 10 cm³.


Here's a guide on how to use it:



1. Invite the Child: Invite the child to work with the Pink Tower.

2. Mat or Work Area: Roll out a mat or designate a workspace.



1. Start with the Largest Cube: Show the child the largest cube and place it on the mat.

2. Next Largest Cube: Find the next largest cube and place it on top of the first one.

3. Continue Stacking: Continue stacking the cubes in descending order of size until the tower is complete.

4. Final Observation: Once the tower is complete, encourage the child to observe the differences in size and the overall structure.



1. Rebuild :Ask the child to rebuild the tower themselves.

2. Visual Discrimination: Mix the cubes and have the child arrange them in order of size before stacking.

3. Language Introduction: Introduce terms like "large," "small," "larger," "largest," "smaller," "smallest."

4. Extensions:

   - Grading: Arrange the cubes in a horizontal line from largest to smallest.

   - Patterns: Create different patterns using the cubes.



1. Dismantle the Tower: Show the child how to carefully dismantle the tower starting from the top.

2.Return the Cubes: Place the cubes back in their designated storage box or area.



- Observation: Observe the child and guide them only when necessary. Encourage independence.

- Encouragement: Praise their efforts and successes.

- Variety: Use the cubes in different ways to maintain interest and challenge.


The Pink Tower is a foundational Montessori material that helps build critical early learning skills through hands-on, self-directed activity.

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